Saturday, April 11, 2009

So, here goes something

Well, given that my recent paper-journaling efforts haven't shown much fruit, I've decided to go electronic to post news, get my thoughts out there, and keep up with life. Odds are that no one will be reading this any time soon, but little by little, people will flock to hear news about me. So, as for now, this is functioning as a strange kind of creature dedicated to letting people know about me. Maybe.

So my life got a little crazy recently. Last Wednesday my French professor approached me in class and let me know that if I decided to pick up a second major in French that I would be eligible to teach 100-level French courses next year--and then strongly encouraged me to do so. I promised to think about it and keep him posted.

That afternoon, I received an e-mail from the student instructor coordinator for the French department, advising me that my prof had let her know that I might be interested in the job; she then proceeded to outline everything I would need to do in order to be able to teach next fall, and also telling me that the already-passed deadline was being overlooked so that I could be considered for the post. After some consultations with friends and family, I decided to go for it.

Fast-forward to my interview with the coordinator the next day. She first told me that I cam extremely highly recommended by my French professor, that my transcript was impressive, and after chatting for a few minutes that there was no problem with my French skills and that she saw no reason why I shouldn't have the job! I was blown away. I'll hear back this week whether or not I have the post. Incredible!